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Human Resource Outsourcing & Consulting


The value offered in support and services each month far outweighs the costs.

You will make more progress from this membership than you can on your own.

  • If you retain one employee, this course has paid for itself!
  • If this helps you recruit new employees, it will pay for itself!
  • If you learn one or two things that help you avoid a compliance misstep, then it will pay for itself!
  • One hour of our teams time outside of this model is more than the actual full month of resources we are offering!


Here 's Everything You Get...

The 14 Core Training Videos Throughout the Year

HR and Leadership topics each month that will focus on employee retention, engagement, recruiting, compliance, streamlining onboarding, mistakes to avoid and more. ($200 value for each course = $2800)

5x30 Live Q&A's each week

Each week our HR gurus will answer 5 questions from you, the community within 30 minutes.   (Annualized value of $4250)

Community of Leaders and Entrepreneurs

This is the place for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to come together to learn, collaborate, gain and give accountability, give and gain support, share ideas and learn tools, processes and best practices that will be focused on your growth and people. ($Priceless)

We are all in this together.  You get an experienced team behind you when you join! 

HRPI Leadership & Entrepreneur Membership

We are offering an introductory offer between now and November 22, 2021 at only $175.00 a month!  This is a monthly reoccurring charge.

Vision for this Group:

Create a resource and team that is focused on you, your business, your growth and your people! 

We are passionate about business leaders, entrepreneurs and ensuring their growth.  This group is for those that want to:

  •   Not go it alone
  •   Know that you are in compliance
  •   Learn and grow with a focus on leadership and people management.
  • Have a community you can celebrate with, talk with, be accountable with and grow with.
  • Learn how to avoid common costly mistakes as a business owner.